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Australian Parking Solutions have our Smart Parking Lock available for purchase. With new technology to the market the our Smart Parking Lock can be operated using the Share  app . It works via bluetooth and easily connects to a smart phone once within range.

It allows you to protect and access your parking space by controlling the bollard through a smart phone application. Upon entering your parking space simply lower your parking bollard via your smart phone app and it will lay flat, allowing you to enter your parking space with ease.

When leaving your parking space, simply drive out and it will automatically close with the built in sensor.

The key features our Smart Parking Lock is that it allows the owner of the Smart Parking Lock to share the Smart Parking Lock with other users. Simply send a message from the app with the password. Once the visitor is within range simply connect and enter the password the owner has created and the visitor will control the lock with their smart phone. This is a perfect solution for visitor car parking and also businesses wanting to allow parking access to customers and clients.

Product Specifications:
Weight: 8kgs
Width: 380mm
Controlling Distances: 20 metres
Height when up: 330mm
Height of the ground when down: 75mm

1. Force resistance
The parking lock can afford 2t pressure without deformation when it is assembled.

2. Anti-collision
In the case of the parking lock is hit, the barrier arm will move following with the external force without damage. It will always recover back to the original status when the external force is removed.

3. Alarming system
In case of the barrier arm is block when the parking lock is being controlling and
moving, it will return back to the original status automatically; meanwhile, alarm will be triggered.

4. Water and dust resistance
Level IP65 for dust and water resistance, which makes the park lock works normally even in the severe environment.

5. Smart phone controllable
Based on the BLE technology, the parking lock can be controlled by smart phones. It is
compatible with smart phones with Android and iOS systems (not lower than Android 4.3 or iOS7).

6. Low-level battery notification
The battery level of parking lock can be checked by APP, also the APP will make a notice when the battery is almost exhausted.

7. Parking space sharing
In the APP, the owner ID and customer ID can be set. The owner of parking space can share the customer ID to others when the space is free. After the customer received the information, he can login the APP and control the lock.

8. Self closing

The Smart Parking lock will simply close once the vehicle leave the car space. No need to touch your phone! Simple.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm


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